In a previous article on the blog, we gave insights on how much technology in Africa is developing and we asked if Tech Entrepreneurship has a chance to rule Africa. Here we have gone further to coin the best five articles you should read before investing in a tech startup in Africa.

Despite all of the progress with African technology, lots of startups come up strong but don’t stand the test of time; some say funding is the biggest issue African tech startups face but I’m forced to believe that there’s more to it. Even in the face of funding there are still failures. So, just before you make that move to invest big, think twice and ensure you read the articles below.

We have heard it over and over and over again Technology is the new crude oil; the least you can do is to make it work for you.

Here you can read through.

  1. Why Invest in African Tech

This article written in April this year defines all you need to know in summary; it explains where to invest, what to invest, why and how to invest. It goes on to extensively teach ways to invest in an African Tech Startup.

  1. Reasons to invest in African startups

Here, Tom Jackson of Disrupt Africa Highlights 9 reasons to invest in an African Startup. This article is a must read for investors who want to have a feel before going all out.

  1. Investing in Startup Businesses

This Masterpiece is everything you need and more. It talks about why African startups promise such huge potential for investors, Some African startup investment success stories, Market Opportunities for investing in African Startup businesses and lots more. It’s just awesome!!!!

  1. Invest in Africa

Lexi Novitske does amazingly well on this piece; she titles it “Silicon Valley: Invest in Africa, But Do It Differently” Despite the fact she wasn’t raised here in Africa, she was spot on with every word. It’s an 8-minute read on take your time to digest.

  1. Steps to raising Seed Investment for Africa focused Startups

This article is pretty old but it’s very relevant and would probably be for many years to come. Here, 7 steps to raising Seed Investment for Africa focused Tech Startups was the topic and it was written by   Mbwana Alliy. It is creative and well organized.

Tech Startup; Just before you invest in that startup, know the basics. Technology is the new crude oil; the least you can do is to make it work for you.

There always a lot to do before embarking on any project; the least you can do is plan; we have come up with these 5 amazing articles to help with the planning stage. We do hope you not only find it interesting, we also hope it is used as a tool to drive disruptive innovation change in Africa.