This episode of CHaTFriday Features the founder of 360 Cleans Adedayo Tope; He went down memory lane, discussed his start-up and we spoke at length….

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Awetech: Who is Adedayo Tope?

Adedayo Tope (360 Cleans):  Adedayo Tope is the First Child of Mr. and Mrs. Adedayo. Born in Lagos, hails from Osun State. (ila Orangun Local Government) …. I am a Christian, in my Early 30s. B.Sc Holder; Mechanical Engineering, Entrepreneur and currently the brain behind 360 CLEANS (NG)   

Awetech: That’s a wow; what was schooling and getting a degree like?

Adedayo Tope (360 Cleans):  For me those where years I quickly want to forget.

It was a struggle; schooling was like being in a comfort zone, it’s a whole different ball game.

After even getting the degree; if I were asked to go over it again, I would make lots of contacts, read less and explore.

Instead of thinking it guarantees a job or good life after; like we were conned to believe.  

Awetech: Wow sir; sounds a bit sober sir? Did going to school affect your Zeal or creativity in anyway?

Adedayo Tope (360 Cleans):  Maybe but not consciously.

Awetech: What is 360 Cleans? What was the idea behind the start-up? In terms of Funding too?

Adedayo Tope (360 Cleans):  360 CLEANS actually implies all round cleaning, we are a residential, commercial and Janitorial cleaning company.

Well, growing up in Ilaje Bariga was a great motivation; I saw children, adult live in dirty environment, get sick as a result of ignorance; dirt accumulates and piled up becoming heaps

It wasn’t everyone in Bariga was dirty but as a result of living in a dirty environment over time, it became a norm.

So, I needed to move out after living there for years and I wasn’t going to leave with the same habit, so I needed to be the change, before leaving.

Cleaning is actually fun, professionally cleaning is a lot fun cause it makes you happy when you see the transformation, I remember my mum tell me when I was a kid how I would climb a stool just to wash plates.

We would live healthier if we all live clean and being Neat is contagious same as being dirty. 


Adedayo Tope (360 Cleans):  If you allow that to be a major factor, you wouldn’t kick off. Though I went to a few people for loan, I was turned down

But that didn’t stop me, I just had to prove I could do a good job, did some free jobs; some people liked and gave me some money…. it just started and it just got better.  

Be determined, don’t let funding scare you. Get up and do the work; when people see, you adding value, they would fund you, so that’s how I got funds

It was God at work also.

Awetech: How do you get on with marketing?

Adedayo Tope (360 Cleans):  Referrals works faster

Online marketing

Word of mouth…… Started from my circle of influence

Awetech: Referrals?? Could you shed more light on how you grew your influence?

Adedayo Tope (360 Cleans):  Having a credible personality is a plus.

People want to leave their house/homes and do business with people they trust.

So, consciously one must work on himself…. Even from teenage stage

Awetech: So, you are becoming a trusted authority doesn’t come overnight

Adedayo Tope (360 Cleans):  No, it doesn’t

Awetech: How has online marketing Helped?

Adedayo Tope (360 Cleans):  It has its advantage… I was opportune to meet someone who added colour to my brand logo. He also gave me hints on reaching out…. Someone I never knew from Adam.

I only met him on Instagram.  

Awetech: Wow great great things the social media does; What do you think of being an entrepreneur in Nigeria?

Adedayo Tope (360 Cleans):  It’s got its ups n down. But it’s rewarding Don’t be in a hurry… go through the process, and have fun doing it

The future is promising.

Awetech: Five years from now; can you predict the Nigerian Tech Ecosystem; do you think we would have grown; maybe ripe enough for maturity?

Adedayo Tope (360 Cleans):  I foresee massive growth … yeah, we ripening even before 5 years

Awetech: Have you got any other words for upcoming entrepreneurs in general

What would you tell them to avoid doing?

Adedayo Tope (360 Cleans):  There’s loads of space at the top

it’s the bottom that’s congested

if you believe it you have achieved already, go hard and win.

Awetech: And on a final note sir; we’ll like to know, what motivates you, what keeps you driving and what inspires you?

Plus, we’ll like to know

Where do you think the idea to start an ideal tech entrepreneurial journey should start from?

Do you think entrepreneurs are born or do they just develop a zeal or a passion at some point in their lives?

Can you advertise 360 cleans in 160 words??

Adedayo Tope (360 Cleans):  The Street motivates me, the view from the top drives me…


My Dad Mentors and inspires me.

Entrepreneurs develop zeal and passion at a point in their life

WeCareWeClean @360Cleans


A New Way of Doing Clean… WeCareWeClean @360Cleans

Awetech: Thanks very much for you time sir