Africa tech scene hasn’t stop growing; startups are running the shows right about now, From Nairobi Kenya to Lagos Nigeria; from Johannesburg, South Africa to Port Louis Mauritius; from Kigali Rwanda to Accra Ghana, from Kampala Uganda to Cairo Egypt, the face of technology has changed in Africa over the years, ICT hubs have gained stronghold, thousands of Start-ups are birthed every day, Mobile Networks have dominated the scene (with the competition getting stronger by the day), not even the epileptic power supply seem to obstruct the evolution.

Here we’ve taken time to compile a list of articles discussing the African tech scene; we do hope you’ll find them valuable.

African Tech Stories; Africa Tech Ecosystem has had it fair share of Challenges, but the growth has been astronomical and we really need to keep going.
Andela Nigeria
  1. Studying Computer Science in Nigeria

Here, ONYINYE UCHE talks about using Technology to bridge the Skills Gap in Nigeria’s Workforce. She goes really deep down focusing on the Nigerian tech Scene as a niche, stating critical instances and using relevant examples. This post was made weeks ago but it feels like it has existed for a long time.

Take your time, read and digest.

  1. Tech Revolution; Beyond the hype

Freelance reporter and Digital editor at IC Publications Taku Dzimwasha writes on Africa Tech revolution, this time going beyond the hype; showing the true details of how Africa has risen over the years. From Andela to M-Pesa to Flutterwave, Taku Said it all.

  1. How digital technology is changing farming in Africa.

Agriculture remains an integral part of every economy in the word. Ndubuisi Ekekwe is legendary when it comes to Africa Tech, here he talks about How Digital Technology Is Changing Farming in Africa.

  1. Africa Exploding Tech Startup Ecosystem.

Again, Jeff Desjardins shows Africa’s Exploding Tech Startup Ecosystem with this very detailed info-graphic. Here he shows how tech hubs are running the show, how digitalization has changed the way Africa is shown to the world.

It’s Just amazing, go see.

  1. How to create ten thousand successful African Startups. 

Mark Essien is a top gameplayer when it comes to tech in Africa; He’s passion of improving the tech ecosystem is still waxing strong (the internship program says it all). Hotels.Ng has dominated the hospitality industry here in Nigeria for a while and he’s the brain behind it. Mark talks increasing the strength of tech entrepreneurial startups in Africa. This Piece has got it all.

  1. 10 super successful African entrepreneurs and how they raised money to start their businesses. 

John-Paul Iwuoha is the founder of Smallstarter Africa; his passion has always been to help Africa tech startups build their dreams. Here he talks about successful African entrepreneurs and how they raised funds. This article is a masterpiece; very well detailed and pretty organized.

Africa Tech Ecosystem has had it fair share of Challenges, but the growth has been astronomical and we really need to keep going.

This list was compiled to help out where necessary; Africa tech is taking it place gradually, don’t be left out.

Take your time to read, digest and act.