The #awetechMCM debuts and there’s no better headliner to kick off than the legendary Bankole Oluwafemi.

I’ve known Bankole for years now (University days precisely); where he was a far distant Egbon (Big Brother) although we never met officially.

The Lawyer turned tech guru; has always had this “thing” for technology right from way back University days. He had a Computer Centre back in school and I might have unknowingly printed one or two documents.

Lordbanks alongside Seyi Taylor (another legend) started out TechCabal in 2013, 1st of April to be precise.

Since then, it’s been a tale of beauty, finesse and excellence.

In that time, BigCabal Media also Started out Zikoko.Com.

Undoubtedly the most relevant tech platform in Nigeria today, techcabal keeps leading the way (listed in several reputable media enterprises home and abroad).

Bankole was Nominated for The Future Award Africa Prize for Media Enterprise (2016) and Prize in Enterprise Support (2014).

Lordbanks has shown the strength of an extraordinary Nigerian Youth starting out from the bottom.

He’s shown the true entrepreneurial strength of ambition, focus, discipline and execution.

He’s made it evidential that you can start small and grow big.

Keep Blazing the Trails Bankole,
The World awaits!!!