Being an entrepreneur is the best thing that has happened to me – Apoeso Ifedayo (Garri Guy)

Our very first episode of CHaTFridays Features the amazing Garri seller who has taken entrepreneurship to a new level; Our team caught up with him this Friday and We Spoke at length.


[expander_maker more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Awetech: May we meet you Sir?

Apoeso Ifedayo of 0956 Garri:  My Name is Apoeso Ifedayo, a graduate of Computer Science and a Masters Student in Entrepreneurship Education at the University of Ibadan.

I am an entrepreneur, I sell Packaged Garri and I believe our Organization started the first of its kind Garri with delicacy pack.

Awetech: From your Bio; I see you studied Computer Science, how did you come about selling Garri??  

Apoeso Ifedayo of 0956 Garri: Yes! It all started like a Joke and I believe studying computer science wasn’t a mistake. I discovered my passion for trading things in my Year 2 in 2010. I have done lots of businesses ranging from selling laptops to phones, then at some point I had a bulk Sms website before I ventured into food and then singled out Garri because my customers loved Garri.

Awetech: Did you have any related background to Garri selling?

Apoeso Ifedayo of 0956 Garri: My Parents weren’t farmers but I had a friend who introduced me to the Garri business….

Then, she was selling Garri mixed with milk and Sugar.

Awetech: What was your Start-up like? Did you get Support?

Apoeso Ifedayo of 0956 Garri:

My Friend actually stopped then I asked her to come on-board that I had a great concept but she said a NO. That was how I picked it up again.

Starting up was quite difficult because at some point, I stopped doing the Garri mix    

And I needed to convince people about purchasing my product.

In terms of support; my Parents where my number 1 fan so they kept encouraging me and I didn’t give up either

Awetech: Apparently, you had an issue with marketing?

I leveraged on the social media to sell my brand – Apoeso Ifedayo

Apoeso Ifedayo of 0956 Garri: Not really! You know the world has gone global so I leveraged on the social media to sell my brand.

Awetech: We’ll like to know more on how technology and the social media have evolved over the years to help young entrepreneurs sell their products?

Apoeso Ifedayo of 0956 Garri: The advancement of technology has been able to bring people from miles away together through various platforms example of such is the social media where buyers meet sellers.

It used to be for link up but now if you are wise, you will run a successful business when you leverage on the social media

Awetech: So, the best form of marketing (for you) remains the social media?

Apoeso Ifedayo of 0956 Garri: Yes, it is I was able to build the business with it. We have more success stories of people who started earning a living via this medium; Craze clown, Emmanuella and the likes.

Awetech: Are you a Philanthropist?

Apoeso Ifedayo of 0956 Garri: Yes and No, I only give a platform for those in need by writing their stories for people to help them.

Awetech: How has entrepreneurship changed your life?

Do you think entrepreneurship has a role to play in solving the issues we currently have in Nigeria?

Apoeso Ifedayo of 0956 Garri: Being an entrepreneur has been the best thing that has happened to me. Not everybody can go through the stress of being one but it has helped and shaped me in to managing people and finance more.

Yes, entrepreneurship will help solve lots of problems in the Nation especially the issue of unemployment and growing the economy. The moment our government and we Nigerians ourselves here can support entrepreneurs then we have taken a step further in building and stabilizing the economy.

Awetech: Do you think it’s a talent to be an entrepreneur?

Apoeso Ifedayo of 0956 Garri: Some entrepreneurs are born while some just become one due to some certain things that must have happened to them.

Awetech: What are the issues you encountered while starting up; was funding a problem?

Apoeso Ifedayo of 0956 Garri: Funding was the major issue, I have failed several times but my parents kept supporting me because of the drive I have for it.

I hope to expand very soon but when I think about the fund I just take it a step at a time.

Awetech: Have you got a message for upcoming entrepreneurs or anyone who is really finding it difficult to take a stand in their business(es)

Apoeso Ifedayo of 0956 Garri: For those aspiring to be an entrepreneur; money is good but let it be secondary and let your passion primary.

Know your drive, the road might seem rough but don’t give up.

To those finding it difficult to take a stand, go back to your drawing board, ask questions from people who’ve been in business before you and I can tell you success is inevitable.

Awetech: Finally, what inspires you to keep driving? what motivates you?

What would you tell upcoming entrepreneurs to avoid doing?

Apoeso Ifedayo of 0956 Garri: I rely solely on God for the inspiration to help me stand out as I work daily and do things differently

Avoid spending the little money you make, reinvest and always nurture your Business to grow.[/expander_maker]