The Mobile Phone hub of Nigeria; popularly know has Computer village definitely has come of age. Over the years the market has transformed from a simple place you can repair your gadgets to a place having millions of transactions on a daily basis; this contributes greatly to the IGR (about $2Billion yearly to Ikeja Local Government) of Lagos as a state.

Lagos State government says plans are on for its relocation; to the Katangowa area of the state; this in turn raises a number of questions definitely putting the mobile phone sellers at the hub in a state of confusion.
For some; it is destroying what has been, apparently for these set of traders; relocating won’t come easy, while for some others (prolly those who has been scammed one way or the other) it’s about time.
That movement from a clustered selling hub where you can get tricked, scammed or victory (depending on the angle) to a place presumably well organized and well controlled.
I think you should play your cards well.
The Lagos state government says it’s been a long time coming and the reason behind this relocation is to ease traffic, stop environmental degradation (amongst others) in the state’s capital.
Although this seem to be a long term plan; the question is shouldn’t the Lagos state government be thinking much more? Aside the ease of the transition (this includes the traders and the revenue alongside others), Don’t we envision an ICT Hub in Lagos Nigeria where we don’t just trade mobile phones?
Expectations are that in the near future we can count on the computer village not to only sell mobile phones; but go in on in production of mobile phones that would serve not only the nation; but would take its place as the foremost market for mobile phone production in Africa.