There are one million reasons why the social media is perfect for your business…….

Ever since the emergence of web 2.0, the number of internet users around the world have greatly increased, with about 40% of the world connected to the internet with the target at 4 million people by 2020.

that’s a staggering statistic meaning in three years’ time 50% (half of the world) would be connected to the internet, and with Mark Zuckerberg going about his business, this could be much more…….

let’s get back on track….

The Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on) has given us the perfect opportunity to sell yourself to the world at a relatively low cost…
Yes!!! low cost the most you’ll do is pay a token for Ads (token compared to what the print media would charge for advertising)

Here are my top five reasons why you need the social media dearly

1. Traffic: Where else would you get traffic this much in a relatively short time with little or no costs?
The most important source for website traffic today remains the social media….
it can be used to boost your SEO especially when the search engines seem to be failing you, the usual deal is using a creative content strategy to aid SEO (for high rankings) but do you know that driving traffic to your optimized pages will cause them to climb much faster in the search engine results pages……..

2. Connect with your Clients: The social media gives you a better understanding of what your client wants; these platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) gives you the opportunity to make a post and have your clients comment and share their opinion.
This gives you an opportunity to keep in ‘constant’ touch and improve your services where necessary.

3. Targeting: The social media ads are easy to customize and they are very flexible; they are basically created to laser target the kinds of people you want to reach using metrics such as Location, Age, Interests and so on. With this, you are able to get a detailed result of how many people you are able to reach with your Ad.

4. Brand Image: If you need to build an image for you brand, the social media remains the best platform to achieve this goal. All you need to do is stay active on your social media pages, keep giving out relevant information, engaging and interacting with your clients and prospects and like Magic you earn the trust of the people (which is the most precious resource you can have in other to sell your products and services)

5. Sales: Save the best for the last? No every point listed here is very important to consider when planning or executing a social media Ad campaign.
Statistics have shown that majority of the business to consumer marketers (B2C) have gotten more clients using the social media and Facebook in particular.
It’s just very simple, when you stay at the fore front of your prospects (Keeping an awesome brand image and reputation) you earn their trust and when the need to buy a product (like) the one you sell comes up, they can only think of you.

I have this lady who does small chops on my BBM, she sends broadcast messages regularly telling people of how good they taste and how great her customer relation is (she sends the testimonies too).

So, one day I needed to do a surprise birthday get together for my friend and the only thing I could think of was her delivering us her beautiful chops……

Why? She constantly dominated with her messages using testimonies and images that would send you salivating in most cases…
So, I could not resist the thought of calling for her services when the need came…….

From tweet chatting to Facebook live, Instagram stories and so on. The social media is just an amazing place to be……

It’s the perfect place to get more Sales……