This week chat Fridays featured Jesse Oguntimehin, (Deputy Marketing Manager, Digital at TECNO Nigeria), We had an interesting discussion on tech entrepreneurship in Nigeria; Enjoy……

Awetech: May we meet you sir?

Jesse Femi: My name is Jesse Oguntimehin, a passionate story teller who has a knack for brand story telling using different medium. Currently, I’m Deputy Marketing Manager, Digital at TECNO Nigeria.

I also consult for other businesses on crafting brand identity, creating digital communication strategy in this event changing world.

Awetech: Amazing. What was your background like;

  1. Academically
  2. Entrepreneurial wise

Jesse Femi: I studied Education Physic from the University, LASU. And have experience writing as a technology writer/reporter before settling as a Digital Marketing Strategist

Awetech: Great; Could you go down (deeply) about how you built your empire (Career) with the social media.

Jesse Femi: I started by setting up a blog on blogger when I could not get a regular job after NYSC. Then had to open a Twitter account to share my content. The blog is still up at

Jesse Femi: I became known as a gadget blogger, writing on my blog and posting as guests on other blogs like mobility arena, iAfrikan, and some others.

This was my foundation. I horned my skill blogging and then taking some online courses which qualified me to work with a digital music company, Spinlet and then TECNO MOBILE NIGERIA, where I currently work.

The Social media played a huge role in helping me network and then learn crucial business skills.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of social media.

Awetech: Amazing timelines you’ve got; Facebook recently hit 2 billion users around the world; that’s a big milestone for the industry. Couple of Nigerian tech entrepreneurs have tried starting up stuffs; But at the end of the day, they just fizzle out. What could be the reason for this sir?

Jesse Femi: Interesting question, sometimes it happens when the tech is given higher priority to the business. The business process and tech are both important. SoundCloud might be out of business soon as they are good tech but not good business enough to sustain themselves and be alive for their users.

  1. Lack of an enabling environment for businesses to thrive, lack of talent and data availability to make business decisions with

Awetech: So, you are saying; As a tech entrepreneur, you need to understand the business of your enterprise; Isn’t that making yourself a jack of all trades? I am saying combining the both might be a bit difficult for most entrepreneurs; What do you think?

Jesse Femi: If you don’t, hire someone who knows the business side of the trade you’re in

Awetech: Simple and very straightforward; Do you think the tech ecosystem will ever rule Nigeria?  In terms of Consistently Being the main stay of the Economy? How do we create an enabling environment for majority of the startups out there?

Jesse Femi: Mentorship will play a lot of role. Those doing well should share their story and draw others up.

Government need to make policies with this sector in mind. Not the child’s play we have now. A more enabling environment, that is.

Awetech: Amazing; Do you think the future is bright (Tech wise) with what we have on ground now?

Can we say “in Five years’ time our ecosystem would have developed so well to be top 10 around the world?

Jesse Femi: 5 years in too short. But if we can sort out ease of accessing funds, payment, power supply, policies that favor tech entrepreneurs then we can get closer.

We also need to have fixed education sector (including the curriculum). Can we do that in 5 years? I doubt it.

Awetech: Apparently, we are still growing then; Aside from Photography what else do you do when you aren’t working?

Jesse Femi: I cook, run, and read (I love my Kindle Paperwhite)

Awetech: There goes the popular question; Do you think Entrepreneurs are born or breed?

Jesse Femi: Entrepreneurs are not born. But your environment (exposure) can nurture one to be an entrepreneur.

But there are qualities that prepares one to be successful as an entrepreneur. One of the major one is GRIT. Ability to be able to stick to the project and do the hard work till it’s a success. The hard work might also mean pivoting the original idea.

Awetech: We’ll like to know what motivates you, what drives you and what keeps you going?

Jesse Femi: What motivates me? The desire to be able to afford the good things of life and the joy that comes from seeing value being added to people and brands.

Awetech: We’re glad to have had you around.