The pace at which Television and Video Entertainment in Nigeria is growing is pretty fast; Guess what; Technology has been the enhancing factor and the rise of internet streaming services has changed the game.

Entertainment in Nigeria, The Future is Looking awesome; the introduction of the MyfilmHouse App is set to redefine the way entertainment is perceived.
MyFilmHouse; The App

Definitely, this is expected to affect the way video is produced, marketed and distributed in Nigeria; the good thing is that the consumers have all the convenience they crave for in instances such as this.

Days ago, a top player in the movie industry here in Nigeria launched a TVOD platform. A TVOD platform that basically allows you to pay directly for the content you require.

Here they are promising a theatre experience right from your Mobile (or internet enabled device.)

VOD (video on demand) hasn’t been too popular here in Nigeria; But with the emergence of this platform by Filmhouse Cinemas; the gap is gradually being bridged.

The platform allows premium access to Hollywood movies (Nollywood Coming Soon); Distributing blockbusters immediately after their cinema run.

Signing up is free!! and MyFilmhouse offers full-feature movies starting at 199 NGN. It also offers a different free movie every week to its users – meaning that each user is able to get 52 free movies, every year. MyFilmhouse also offers free downloads of its content in Filmhouse Lekki and Surulere. This plan will be rolled out to the rest of the Filmhouse cinemas within the next 60 days.

This amazing development brings another feather to the crown of MyFilmHouse; this has also shown that technology is truly the future entertainment in Nigeria

In a brief interview with Ayo Makun (Popularly known as AY the Comedian) Who was unveiled as the brand ambassador for My Film House; He admitted that Technology has come to give the entertainment industry a lift and not the other way around.

MyFilmHouse has brought Convenience alongside entertainment for you to Enjoy 😊 wherever you might be.

With an amazing UX/UI the app is available on the Google Playstore and the iOS App Store

If you’ve got love for movies like I do; Visit to get started.