This episode of Chat Fridays Featured Obasa Olorunfemi a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation Class of 2016 Alumni, and the C.E.O at ExtraFemi we spoke at length on Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

Awetech: May we meet you??

Obasa Olorunfemi: My name is Obasa Olorunfemi; Chief Executive and Strategist at Extrafemi. I am positively ambitious, forever optimistic and do not know when to give up. In my spare time, I enjoy Photography, travel, music and creative talking.

I have over 4 years’ post-graduation experience spanning Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Social Media Trainings, Event streaming, Business Development. I hold the PMP, PPM, HSE II, HSE III, EIA, O3GP, MUSON Preliminary grade, Grades I and II certifications. I am also an ACA (Abinibi Creative Academy) Accredited Graphic Designer.

I hold a Bachelor in Water Resources Management (Specializing in Hydrology) from Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State and have attended trainings on Business Innovation, Branding and Strategy. I am also a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation Class of 2016 Alumni.

My specialities include: Graphic Design (Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher and Power Point), Social Media Audit, Strategy Formation and Management, Website Design (Square Space. Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger) Community Participation and Event Streaming.

Awetech: What a Profile Sir!!! What inspired you starting up Wakafire photography and how has the journey been so far?

Obasa Olorunfemi: Wakafire has been an interesting one. I started out in Dec 2015 using a Samsung galaxy E5.
Just taking street shots mostly because I loved being behind the camera than in front of it.

Before then, I had been handling cameras since the time of (the traditional) film(s) while I was in secondary school shooting our inter-house sports competition.
Then I moved to amateur digital camera for my undergraduate project and got a professional camera as a graduation present.
So, I shot weddings, birthdays and other events till I went for NYSC and chose not to ever shoot a wedding again.

Awetech: A lot of startups collapse at the first hurdle and others won’t even start at all…. because funding is a great problem. How did you cope with funds while starting up your companies.?

Obasa Olorunfemi: LOL; All my businesses have been self-funded so far, more like started from the bottom, now we are here. Until last year when I got funding from TEF which was specifically for ChatClass NG

Awetech: What do you think of Nigeria’s Tech Eco-system; are we lagging behind??

Obasa Olorunfemi: Honestly, I think it’s a relative answer, compared to some countries we are lagging behind. compared to others, we are making a lot of progress.

Awetech: Well as regarding our big status; as the giant of Africa, do you think we are fine?

Obasa Olorunfemi: Absolutely not, we are a long way from home

Awetech: What would Your Advice be to upcoming entrepreneurs? Some think the space is already occupied and dominated by some particular people; so, they don’t stand a chance.

Obasa Olorunfemi: My advice is simple: Rome wasn’t built in a day, pace yourself and keep your grind steady.

Awetech: And on a final note sir; we’ll like to know, what motivates you, what keeps you driving and what inspires you? Plus, we’ll like to know; Where do you think the idea to start an ideal entrepreneurial journey should start from?

Obasa Olorunfemi: What drives me? Hunger. LOL

Awetech: Lol Sir; No one wants to go hungry

Obasa Olorunfemi: A lot of things drive me: from the opportunities, I see every day to the amazing things I see young people doing every day and the understanding that regardless of the challenges, anything is possible.

Awetech: Great sir keyword “Anything is Possible”

Obasa Olorunfemi: Anyone can be an entrepreneur. While it’s good to start early, it’s never too late for anyone.