Using Facebook Live to tell your stories 
Video content marketing has evolved over the years, the emergence of Vlogs, YouTube, Snapchat and recently Instagram stories have redefined the way we reach out to prospects. Facebook recently started the Facebook Live feature with the aim to promote video activities in its news feed.

Facebook Live; an easy setup from your Facebook profile, page or group lets you broadcast live to anyone with an access to your newsfeed.

This in turn gives you an opportunity to use the power of the Facebook live streaming to communicate more; enable you tell your brand stories and get intimate with your prospects.

 Telling your stories to more people just got easier, with the active number of Facebook users; it won’t be long before you dominate; all you need to do to reach more people aside advertising before your video goes live, is to tell people already on the broadcast to share; Sounds a bit old school (organic) but it works.

Because of the fact that you reach more people, the engagement rate is high (Facebook’s Engagement rate seems naturally high though) So, there is a bigger chance to convert, most especially if your content was intriguing, captivating and most of all valuable.

Facebook live gives you an opportunity to tell your stories to the right people, (they have always done that) even with traditional posts and advertising (on Facebook). TARGETING gives you an opportunity to pinpoint the reach of your broadcast. So sometimes instead of blowing your videos in to the wind; you can actually narrow down to just suit to your niche.   

Did Facebook steal a bit from everyone else; the feature on Facebook live is unlimited; and the good thing is that you can tweak till you are satisfied; you can actually create a professional looking video from the live video publishing tools (from your Facebook page) which allows you to use a video software (and hardware too) to enhance the beauty of your videos.

Although with the rumored Facebook stories coming in to play soon; the length of the Facebook live videos seems to be another glowing feather to the hat; unlike Instagram stories and Snapchat, where videos are short (although it has its own advantages) Facebook live gives you an opportunity to drive home your point all at once with no breakage at short intervals.

And in conclusion; your call to action feature should be activated: Buy Now, Sign Up Now, Learn More and so on. This gives you an edge and a critical selling point (especially if the value you’ve delivered works like magic).

Facebook live is an amazing opportunity for you to tell your stories, keep at it; you might not seem cool at the beginning but you’ll need to keep going and you’ll get better with time.