Apple yesterday announced iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8s, an updated Apple TV and Apple Watch; At the Steve Jobs theatre “the very first outing there”.
With The new iPhone X, Apple dumps the home button going all out for an all screen design, the Screen is pretty big (taking up the whole of the frontside) with a 5.8-inch OLED HD retina display, the backside is made with glass and a dual camera.

The Touch ID has been kicked out too; fully replaced by the Face ID; “the future of technology is here” with this innovation, and it’s been a long time coming; it basically works with the front camera (camera is fitted with about seven different sensors packed at the top). This structure has been put in place to overcome past flaws of the facial recognition system; the chance that a random individual could unlock your device is one in a million, when you put this side by side with the Touch ID the difference is clear (the chance that a random individual could unlock your device is one in fifty thousand). But the Face ID could get confused when it sees someone who looks like you… and if you’ve got an evil twin, use an alternative (a pin or passcode would do).
Aside the fact that It does practically everything else the Touch ID does (including the use of Apple Pay), the Face ID also works beautifully at night.
The device has got nice cameras too, just like the iPhone 8 it’s got 12MPs front and back camera but unlike the iPhone 8, it’s got a faster telephoto lens, helps out with optical image stabilization.
The battery life is epic; lasts two more hours than the iPhone 7.
Price is a bit huge; Size starts from 64GB, costs about $1000 or more, its available for pre-order from 27th October and would start shipping on the 3rd of November.
The iPhone 8 rocks too; looks more like the iPhone 7 except the it is “Glassified” (all glass). It comes in only color rose gold, silver and grey.
One word for the Camera —– “awesome” 12MPs front and back camera with loads of functionalities; the device has also got some new features; True Tone tech brought from the iPad, it’s got louder stereo speakers and a new “A11 bionic” chip
The wireless charging feature rocks too, the device (iPhone 8) starts at 64Gb from $699 while iPhone 8 plus $799. Pre-ordering starts from 15th September and its available form 22 September.

Other Notable Happenings at the event.
1. There’s a cut price on some devices; for example, the iPhone Special Edition also has a price cut to $349, iPhone 6S to $449, and iPhone 7 to $549
2. There was a glitch when the Face ID failed during presentation (this doesn’t undermine the ability of the iPhone X)
3. The iPhone 8 and 8 plus is designed for AR (Augmented Reality).
4. The new Apple TV was also unveiled alongside the Apple watch.
The Company have set a pace with these new innovations, we can only anticipate more.
*OS 11 is expected by 19 September