Chat Friday featured Josh (Joshua Chibueze). Co-founder Sharphire (PushCV, PiggybankNG, 500Dishes, FrontDeskNG); he defines himself the idealist entrepreneur; He told the story; it was an interesting journey, Enjoy.

Awetech: Some of us know a thing or two about you (Major as the Co-founder at Sharphire) But we’d love to know a little more: So, may we meet you?

Joshua Chibueze: I’m Josh (Joshua Chibueze). Co-founder Sharphire. I’m also CMO. However, I handle which is one of the products of Sharphire. I am a Graduate of Covenant University.

Awetech: Great; What was growing up like; did you always have a passion for IT?

Joshua Chibueze: Yeah always. One of my uncles who is now an ED at system specs stayed with us for a while….in my secondary school days. I loved what he was doing with computers and I decided to study computer science in University.

I just loved the idea generally and I love solving problems.

Awetech: Amazing; Would you say your IT journey has been super successful?

Joshua Chibueze: (Lol) it just began. There’s still so much that needs to be done…

Awetech: How did the Piggybank journey begin?

Joshua Chibueze: It started as a personal problem I and Somto had in 2015. We just couldn’t keep track of how much income was coming in and how we were spending.
Then there was an outburst on Twitter when someone had saved N365k from putting aside 1k every day in a piggybank (Kolo). He/she put the picture online….and then there was this motivation to do the #1KChallenge

I was motivated too…I bought my own Kolo Jan 2nd.

Although before I did…I had already discussed with my Co-founder Somto on the possibilities of making it automated because I didn’t want to have to remember to put in money every day considering how busy I could get.

Also, there was the fear of breaking it mid-year and losing the motivation to buy another box.
In the space of 5 days…we had a Map; Started using it…thank God for Paystack, then I spoke to the person who was retailing the box on Twitter and he loved it and signed up.

The rest they say is history

Awetech: Wow what a way to start; So, what was starting up full-fledged like; I’m guessing it was going to come easy; you are a computer scientist after all; Plus, was there any particular point in time you required funds?

Joshua Chibueze: Well not exactly.

Our parent company Sharphire came through in the early stages.

Awetech: So Sharphire was the bedrock for the many pleasant things you have done.

Joshua Chibueze: Yeah.

Awetech: Great sir; what’s your thoughts on IT entrepreneurship in Nigeria; (You’ve been around the world); where do you think we are lagging and how do we move forward?

Joshua Chibueze: We are years behind.
We have a culture and trust issue which affects a lot today. From e-commerce to Fintech.
We need to improve on our current payment infrastructure a whole lot. It helps entrepreneurs build products easily. Then we need investor education in Nigeria. I don’t want to mention government. You know how that always ends.
If we have solid infrastructure, Nigerians are very smart regardless of the poor education…. We’ll build better products.

Awetech: Can you take us through in one sentence about your other companies (PushCV and FrontDesk).

Joshua Chibueze: Okay there’s just 2 other companies…. PushCV ( and FrontDesk (
PushCV has grown rapidly in about 3 years…to over 2M Users; with thousands of employers recruiting on a daily basis.
FrontDesk launched in July 2016….is a platform that helps entrepreneurs create and manage their websites easily. Also, thousands of websites have already been created and it’s growing organically…

Awetech: Kindly give your thoughts to upcoming entrepreneurs (in technology most especially) going through the struggling phase

Joshua Chibueze: Never think about the solution before the problem. It will cost you time and resources and you’ll keep chasing shadows.
Ensure you’re actually solving a pain…and when you have your solution, let your data guide your every move.
Lastly….a great customer service is gold.

Awetech: Keyword “a great customer service is gold” Thanks for your Time.