Our Chat Friday Guest for the week is  Ademola Bamidele, A Digital Marketer, PR Expert and Co-Founder Dodo Gang…..


Awetech: May we meet you?

Ademola: I’m Opeyemi Ademola Bamidele, a Public Relation pro, a liberal of art; A lover of art. Also, a social and digital media marketer, Co-founder of @dodogang_

Ademola: I handle @OwambeStyle, a fashion and beauty page that defines your Owambe Party in grand style.

Awetech: Amazing!! What was growing up like;

Ademola: I’m the first born of 3, growing wasn’t fun but fun I some ways; because we stay indoor except we’ve outing. But thank God it is fun now.

Awetech: Wow; How did the PR Journey begin?

Ademola: Two years back, I was in Kwara State and I came across an article about the Michael Jackson PR story, then I took it upon myself to do lots of research. *fast forward to 2015*I met a couple of friends but “The Pamilerin” became a great brother in the journey; the same year I met my boss “Big Timi”, he nurtured and helped me till I started working in Media Panache Ng. Till date the journey has been blessed and I’m growing positively.

Ademola: Through this journey I handle couple of work for myself like @dodogang_, www.worldplantainday.com etc.

Awetech: Tell us about the @dodogang_

Ademola: Lol… Actually, I’m not the only one handling it; I love plantain and we came up with the idea to build a brand behind it. We’re just two. (Name Disclosed)

Ademola: Little cash are coming in.

Awetech: Great story; MJ inspired; were your parents supportive?

Ademola: Lol! Not really because they think jobless people spend their time surfing the internet all day. But PR is more than surfing the internet. All is well now.

Awetech: Great

Awetech: So, would you clearly call yourself an entrepreneur; PR sounds more official

Ademola: Yes entrepreneur, I’m also into fashion; Design tees, all in art.

Awetech: Wow you seem to go all round

Ademola: A man can just seat in one place. We need to rule the world.

Ademola: Mainly I’m the PR and Communications Manager/Consultant for @dodogang_

Awetech: Would you say the PR thing in Nigeria has a level playing ground; or do you feel some have more influence than the others?

Ademola: Public Relation is a Nigeria is a noble profession and I don’t think it has a level ground because I believe we’ll need to learn new things every day. Today I’m telling you; lots of youths are making their ways into PR, not only that Social media enthusiasts are there. So, no pressure on me particularly.

Ademola: Connection is everything.

Ademola: And God’s grace.

Awetech: How did you build yours?

Ademola: Laughs* Determination, Dedication, Humbleness, Free mind and then I tried as much as possible to learn different things every day to build, my today for the future that has no end.

Ademola: Also supports, good advice and prayer; which is the key.

Awetech: Amazing; Thanks for your time.