WikiLeaks Exposes the CIA          

WikiLeaks has published more than 8,000 webpages (documents) on Tuesday exposing the various hacking tools and devices used by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The webpages (documents) referred to as secret files is said to be in conjunction with the government; these tools are used to break into users’ computers, mobile phones and even smart TVs from Top Tech companies like Google, Apple, Samsung and so on.

This document exposed by WikiLeaks revealed further that the CIA has a dedicated division mainly for the purpose of computer hacking that rivals that of the NSA; and according to WikiLeaks, the code tracking system of the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence has more than 5,000 registered users.

“Such is the scale of the CIA’s undertaking that by 2016, its hackers had utilized more code than that used to run Facebook,” WikiLeaks said in an introductory statement accompanying the documents. “The CIA had created, in effect, its ‘own NSA’ with even less accountability and without publicly answering the question as to whether such a massive budgetary spend on duplicating the capacities of a rival agency could be justified.”

The recently released documents WikiLeaks is calling “Vault 7” is only a part of the information they were able to gather couple of months ago, detail exploits/techniques for a wide variety of desktop and mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and the server operating system Solaris.

It’s that bad the CIA is able to hijack internet enabled TVs from Samsung, using them to record conversations while you actually think it’s in a Sleep mode/Totally Off

What this means is that; the CIA has got access to instant messaging programs such as WhatsApp, iMessage and so on despite the fact they encrypt messages between participants; they are so fast they work from the basics to intercept and capture audio and text before they are encrypted and transmitted instead of intercepting the messages as they are delivered.

WikiLeaks further revealed that the tools used by the CIA Spies everything all; from online calling with Skype, to Wi-Fi Networks, and commercial antivirus programs used by millions of people to protect their computers.

This is the Largest leak of CIA documents; and according the experts the WikiLeaks documents are legitimate. The CIA have refused to comment on the documents. Jonathan Liu, a Spokesman for the CIA said: “we do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents.” White house spokesman Sean Spicer also declined to comment.

WikiLeaks did not release any of the code behind the so-called cyber-weapons, but said that an archive of the software and its documentation had been circulating among former U.S. government hackers and contractors in an unauthorized manner for some time.

Watch your back the more people, don’t get shady in your dealings online; Expect more security updates from Google, Apple, Samsung and the Likes…..