The social media hasn’t stopped growing; recent reports show that there are now more than three billion social media users around the world; this represents about 40% of the world’s population (if you ask me, this is pretty huge). The social media, experts have said over and over again; remains the best place to drive sales using various techniques and tools available.

Aside the getting sales thing, fashion is fusing incredibly well with technology (this trend will continue “probably” for life); Apple, Samsung have dominated using Smartwatches and Head gears (as my Samsung Fam will call it) and Amazon has dominated the e-commerce scene with their shopping platform.

Connecting the world; Just got easier with Web 2.0

The amazing thing is that all the big boys in the tech industry are coming in strong on fashion, even Google has got a conductive fabric embedded in a smart jacket (although this is a collaboration with Levi’s)

Jumia, Konga and other e-commerce platforms, have dominated the scene in Africa (Nigeria in particular) for a while now, and despite all of the recent struggles, I’m sure that with the right things put in place, they’ll come back tops.

The story is still same, just like you’ve heard so many times “take your business online” no matter what it is you do… the fashion industry Is no different, even if you’ve got no resources to get yourself an online store the social media is always your muse…. Start up with creating a Facebook or Instagram page, push out your contents, ‘creatively’ build your ‘honest’ following, build your reputation and maintain the flow…. Getting your presence across all the available social media platforms is cool, maintaining a balance could be difficult (especially if you’ve got some sewing to do and you don’t have an assistant) so focusing on one is amazing; this is not to say you shouldn’t have presence across all the platforms, I’m saying ‘focus’ on one or two (depending on your capabilities) and be very dominant with it.

This would sell you greatly provided you do the needful (put up an Ad where necessary, use the right demographics and you could be smiling to the bank soon.

The future looks pretty awesome, the number of internet users around the world is increasing by the day (it should prolly explode soon); although I think we need to do more to keep people online in places like Africa, organizations like Facebook has combined with some Telecom companies to bring free Facebook to Africa (this is only the beginning of good things to come); we only need to keep doing our homework of innovating getting the necessary skill to execute (as much as the world expects)…. The Sky is only the stepping stone.


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