Starting up a laundry business and taking it online isn’t as difficult as most people see it to be, you only need a proper research, a very good business plan and the determination to get started and succeed.

For most laundry businesses, they do not have the right channels of delivery, so you can stay online and actually act as an intermediary between the Laundry service and the clients (online)….

It’s not much of a thing to do, is it???

For others, they like to offer the premium service (Offer the Laundry services themselves and do the online services themselves too)

Whichever you choose to do the online laundry business is sweeping people off their feet’s in some developing countries, India in particular where some online laundry businesses take about 1500-2000 orders daily.

So, get up and get going………

Estimated Start-up (Tools)

Since you are starting up from Home (ensure your work space at home is well organized)

No costs for workplace/workspace

Washing Machine: Depends on your level of work load you aspiring for but since it’s a start-up, you can start with one;

A 7.2 kg washing machine is Okay for a start-up Costs around 40,000 – 50, 000 naira. However, you can go for lesser weighted ones like the 3.5kg washing machines if your budget is tight.

Others would include

A source of water

A 9000-watt Generator (At least) Because of the Iron; washing machines don’t consume that much power….

Industrial steaming iron (At least two)

Quality Detergents, Soap and Starch (Wax)

Packaging (Nylon) You can decide to make it branded too

Recording Book


A good means of transportation

Wooden Shelves with tags to match orders

Having listed all tools required for the start-up; it is important to have a business plan, your business plan would contain how you want your business structured, the services (some services that can be rendered include express delivery, laundry cleaning, services at your door step…. and so on) …… you would render, the pay and your growth demography (what you expect in the future) and so on ….

It is important to know that your business plan can actually be brief, don’t make it complicated so you can easily understand it.

Since our business is online, our form of advertising should be online too (don’t forget the off-line too; its works as well)

We starting out with your website, basically this is going to be your office (so it should be great), we are going to need a payment system well integrated to your website so people can pay for their orders online very easily;( or you can prepare a rate card)

We would make use of all social media channels available; Run a Facebook page, Instagram account, twitter account and so on; all to ensure your online status is strong ….

Giving random bonuses and promotions to build a client base that is very strong


Ensure you offer services that you are capable of rendering (don’t overdo)

Ensure winkle free and neat packaging

Ensure the Fabrics are well catered for

Ensure your services are affordable (Remember that offline players currently dominate the industry)

Ensure you keep to time of delivering orders  

Don’t forget to get all necessary documentation from the right government authorities