Hurray!!! There’s a new app in town; if you’ve got a ton of information you want to pass across “anonymously” or you want to just share stuffs “anonymously” wanting the opinions of others…. the Banta App is for you.

The Banta App is an online community that lets you share your deepest secrets, expressing yourself anonymously.

The Banta App basically solves issues like this…. It’s a place to have fun….

Days ago, I was scrolling through my twitter TL and I found someone wanting and ‘wishing’ she could create a new account on twitter using a parody user name so she can express herself anonymously….

Developed by Mark Afolabi and the Whitespaces team, the app is expected to redefine socialization…

The app is currently in Beta mode and according to the Team lead ‘we are collecting feedbacks and suggestion from users’ and from the look of things; something big is cooking

The Social app has got a handful of competitors; the anonymous feel gives an edge; the team takes Cyber bullying seriously; human and machine learning are being deployed to tackle this issue.

Visit Getbanta for a link to download the App, enjoy for a life time.