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GoCom Taxi GoCom Taxi

GoCom Taxi is redefining ride sharing in Nigeria. Lets take the journey back to five years ago when online cab services started in Nigeria, it came in with great excitement and an amazing euphoria. People were excited; they wanted that executive feeling to where ever their destination was. And in the real sense of it, it was cool; an amazing innovation soon enough, growth happened and some of these platforms became expensive and other issues came in….

GoCom Taxi came prepared; the Abuja based startup was launched with the mission to easy ride sharing in Nigeria. GoCom Taxi is an e-hailing taxi app, only available in Nigeria at the moment; you can call up a taxi to pick you up from your location to your destination at anytime of the day.

GoCom Taxi isn’t just available in Lagos and Abuja; it is centrally located in Port Harcourt, Anambra, Enugu, Benin City; this allows individuals travel seamlessly

There are new and different with many attractive packages, which include 20%, discount on your 6th ride,

Despite the market being dominated by Uber and Taxify, GoCom Taxi is saying they have better, quicker and cheaper services.

According to GoCom Taxi

In GoCom, we believe in better service delivery while ensuring affordability. As a subsidiary of GoCom Synergy and Investment Ltd, our focus is on the provision of more reliable, timely, and safe cab services. We are committed to better customer satisfaction with every rider’s comfort a priority.

We are private firm with experience managers and source funding locally

Better service, cheaper rates