As semesters go by, students struggle to succeed. Undermining their potential or giving less effort and empowerment schemes, students fight to build a career that satisfies the weighing standards of society. Even with proper effort, untamed challenged tend to leave students hanging without motivations, without a drive. This unsolved puzzles results is mass failure and tends to hand the fate of our societies out of balance.

Stimes is a program set up to help students build their careers effectively. In past years, stimes would automate it’s activities via multiple web technologies; however, in recent times, stimes has fine tuned it’s vision and to better effect it’s mission. Stimes now seeks to dig deep into the heart of educational institutions in the tertiary level with aim of connecting educational and career enthusiasts.

Each new connection is a means towards making more profound the education and training our youths get. Following the re-envision, stimes now implements these connections by match making study groups and learning peers, also connecting Trainers and Motivators as anchors to help keep the desire and motives of each enthusiasts growing. Stimes now handles it’s matchmaking via social media technologies. This is prior to the release of a more effective algorithm. Stimes aims to implement this new algo via the study it makes of the interactions in the media groups.

As sessions cycle, countless amount of students struggle to attain confident states in their careers, struggle to gain knowledge, more insight into the world they part in, to build careers whose standards can help foster a better society. Stimes seeks to fetch these students and further ease their build process.

To join a stimes group nearby, click on the link below

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After joining, you should introduce yourself in this format

Name/Location/Career Department/Career level


To join as a motivator John Doe/Lagos, Nigeria/Medical Doctor/Motivator

To join as a student Sarah Connor/Ogun, Nigeria/Mathematics/Student

The admin will then add you to a group based on your location as this will foster meetups and help build study groups faster

Stimes believe in the future you can build, stimes believes in you.

For inquires, sponsorships and volunteers; contact

  • email:
  • whatsapp: +2347068717198
  • call: +2347036844315[/expander_maker]