Just yesterday the academic staff union of universities (ASUU) commenced an indefinite strike action; this is following a referendum meeting held by the union leaders just a day before. The issue: Same as it has always been; They want money and from the look of things the students could be off campus for a very long time.

It has become a tradition (of some sorts) if you attend a public university in our great country. Some people say it’s even got a FIFA world cup feeling because it comes up every four years …….2009, 2013, 2017……

So, we looked around and we have decided to help in our own little way; getting “knowledge” for yourself is very crucial at this point and for undergraduates you might not get a second chance.

We’ve have come up with a number of places you can get to develop yourself (especially in the tech niche) as an intern.

Take a deep breath; glance through

  1. Placements.com.ng: This is a natural habitat for undergraduates seeking a place for internship (or SIWES) as we know it. All you need to do is sign up on the website and “Employers will be definitely waiting to hire you”
  2. Hotels.ng: Yes, the number one hotel booking agency is looking for YOU, YOU and YOU; according to the words of Mark Essien (Founder) “Use this ASUU strike to come intern at Hotels.ng and become the best software developer you can be”. The beauty of this is that, you will get paid as an intern by Hotels.ng (isn’t this awesome); and if you are out of Lagos but very talented (Guess what) The issue of accommodation would be worked out. Mail- ibiyemi@hng.tech or neo@hng.tech if you’ve got an active repo; but if you know nothing about programming but you still interested, do visit internship.hotels.ng to get started.
  3. Job fiit.com: The home of employment opportunities; just as hotels.ng, if you are a developer, this is for you. Mail your CV to elenae@noobaid.com
  4. TheNetNg: When it comes to entertainment in Africa, TheNetNg is a major Stakeholder and if you fancy a career in the industry, this internship opportunity is for you. They are only begging you to have sense (LOL) – according to Jide Taiwo (Editor) on Twitter Mail- contact@thenet.ng apply via https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAlpQLSgxXVWThkSEf26_pJNM7eAeGcc48xQAgjc6p92hOQOG.g/veiwform
  5. Media Panache Nigeria: From the PR point of view this an excellent internship opportunity. “Don’t Dull” people. Mail- hello@mediapanache.com and get rolling with the best of the best in the PR industry.
  6. JayPEE Studios: if you love to capture the scenes and videography is the “real dream” go intern with the JayPEE guys; Make the best of your time learning to shoot and edit videos; Go follow Jaypee Studios then send them a DM on Twitter.
  7. Moz Kitchn: we’ve also got the kitchen place online and they are hiring interns (particularly social media interns) Mail your CV to mozkitchn@gmail.com
  8. EmployMe Nigeria: This is the perfect place to learn a tech skill. EmployMe Nigeria is asking you to use the ASUU strike positively. Buff.ly/2wLishi
  9. Mercy Corps: if you decide to volunteer for an NGO at this period, this is for you; Mercy Corps is a Non-Governmental Organization and has an opening for admin intern Visit myjobmag.com/p/41002
  10. Onlinehubng.com: This is cool for you if the new media is your niche; if you live around Abeokuta in Ogun State, don’t think twice; go intern with OnlineHubNg Mail- info@onlinehubng.com
  11. Agronaira.com: If you love agriculture, this is for you; www.agronaira.com is an online market place for agricultural products in Nigeria. Mail- info@agronaira.com for more.
  12. Efab Creations: An amazing fashion designing place, and they are willing to you in for half the price (they are breaking the norm for ASUU) visit efabcreations.com follow @_alphawoman on twitter to send a DM
  13. Laptop Mechanic: Perfect opportunity to learn laptop repairs. lappymechanic.com follow @laptopmechanic on twitter to send a DM
  14. Yellow Urban: The online urban presents another paid internship opportunity. If you are a great writer and you’re passionate about fashion and style this is for you. Mail- hello@yellowurban.com
  15. Edubridge Consult: if digital Marketing is your calling, get prepped; Edubridge is saying you should come learn work and earn. Apply Via edubridge.com/digital-internship

So, we were able to put out 15 amazing internship opportunities so that ASUU strike becomes a blessing in disguise; get rolling with the crème de la crème of your niche; YOUR TIME STARTS NOW.

*This would get updated as soon as we find more opportunities; Everything and more for you my people!!!!