For technology enthusiasts; the urge to find a location that gives than an option to thrive at the best level never ends. Over the years, Lagos has grown to become the Central Player in Africa’s Technology District with our own Famed “YabaCon” Valley housing thousands of tech (start-up) companies.

For most Techies; the emergence of Co-working spaces has served as a bridge to help deal with a number of issues; that would have frustrated them while starting up.

Most Startups Would require a place

For Networking and Meetup

With Low Startup cost (In terms of Assets and so on)

For Interaction, Cheap Payment Membership Plan

With Great Location

Personal Job Control

Some others Just want to be part of a great community.

So, we cannot underestimate the importance of Co-working spaces. Listed below are five Co-working spaces who are top players in the industry.

Co-Creation Hub Yaba, Lagos

We start with the best of the best of the best. CcHub opened in 2012 and is the First innovation hub in Lagos. CcHub redefined Nigeria’s tech ecosystem. CcHub is versatile and functions well as an incubator, an accelerator and a Co-Working Space.

You’d remember Mark Zuckerberg was in Nigeria a few months back; guess what? he showed up at Co-Creation hub; it was a life changing experience for techies who were on ground at that time. Feel free to call in for an experience of a life time.


Capital square started out in 2013 and has fast earned a reputation that excites most techies. This amazing co-working space is managed by Modupe Macaulay. It’s got a beautiful environment and has just opened a branch in Ikoyi. It is solely a co-working space and of course, it’s got great programmes always lined up for users.


Leadspace started in October 2016, it was birthed by Passion Incubator which basically functioned as a technology hub. Over the years Leadspace is fast becoming the single largest network of shared offices in the country.

It is basically suited for everybody with spaces for freelancers, executives and all.


Thinking of an international Co-working space in Nigeria? Think Seedspace!!!! It is an international co-working brand birthed in Lagos to change the game. It comes with various packages (including a co-living space) all to suit your ever-changing needs.


If you want a co-working space on the core mainland, TPX Hub is the Place for you. It is solely a co-working space that caters for the needs of entrepreneurs, freelancers and all. It is fast gaining reputation and with time dominance is assured.

Notable Mentions


Cranium One

Cre8 Space

Terra Kulture


Venia Hub