Google Home Max


This is one of the best smart speakers available, it is the most expensive on this list with price about $400. If good sound is what you desire, then you should be ready to spend good money on it. It is the biggest and most expensive on google’s home line-up. Like the name Max, you should expect maximum sound result.
Google Home Max works with different streaming services. It also comes with Google’s Assistant ( A Voice Assistant Sound). It can be paired with other speakers and can be laid either vertical or horizontal.

Apple HomePod.


This is rated second our list, it’s the company first foray into smart speakers. Siri only works with Apple music, though it’s voice recognition and music-matching algorithm still doesn’t match up to Google and it doesn’t come with stereo pairing outside the box.

If you want an outstanding looking smart speaker with equally incredible sound and you’re already a devoted fan Apple fan, this speaker might just be worth the price.

Ultimate Ear Blast


If you’re looking for the best sound quality on the go, step up to Ultimate Ear’s new Blast. Amazon makes it’s own portable, alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker with the Amazon tap.

It’s basically an upgraded, smarter version of the company’s popular boom series of speakers.

Blast is fully water proof and rugged enough to be tossed around, and it promises an ample 12hour’s of battery life on charge. If you want even a bigger sound, try give Alexa-enabled Megablast a close look.

Somos One.


One of the great achievement is the somos one, which currently houses Alexa support and promises both Siri and google assistant integration at a later date. it cost twice as much as the standard Amazon Echo. It counts with much clearer, richer sound.

Harman Kardon Invoke.


Amazon’s Alexa and google assistant aren’t your only two options, though they are easily the most popular choices when it comes to smart speakers. Microsoft cortana is available for PC’s and mobile devices, now also in form of a smart speaker, courtesy of Harman Kardon Invoke.

considering the manufacturer, the sound quality is one of the speaker’s key selling point. CNET found that it doesn’t disappoint in that regards.

Amazon Echo Show


Most speaker’s on this list are better suited for most people, those who want something that comes with a view might be interested in the echo show.

It’s good for bedside table in place of an alarm clock, the show can provide passive information whenever you need without constantly screaming “Alexa” over and over again. It’s the first smart speaker to come with a screen.

Sony LF-S50G


The Sony is a bigger sound from Google assistant -enabled speaker. it’s not portable but it’s water resistant, which means you don’t have to worry putting it next to your sink in the kitchen, it also has touch free gesture controls invade you don’t want to take all the time. It can be used to replace bedside alarm clock.

JBL Link 20


It is a clear favourite if you’re looking for a great sounding, portable speaker with Google Assistant .

It is water proof and durable to take with young hour beach or camp. You’ll also get 10hours of music play back from rechargeable battery. The speaker also has chrome cast functionality which would let you stream easily music from any app that supports the service.

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)


Amazon original Echo has been the default smart speakers choice for a lot of people, and it’ll remain with the company’s 2nd Generation version .

The new Echo is smaller and less expensive than the first one. Durable and possess good and long lasting battery.

Home Mini

If you’re looking for something to replace a standard Bluetooth speaker or sound system, the new Home Mini might be a better choice. It won’t match the larger Home (or Home Max) in sound quality but, then again, it’s half the price.