The Live Video Competition is heating up; this time its Twitter launching new set of features for its live streaming platform. The aim of this API is ease the burden of video broadcasts on media publishers.  

The API will let companies hook up professional broadcasting and video editing equipment to Twitter with more powerful integrations than Twitter’s existing Periscope Producer feature.

The forthcoming API was first reported last week by The Information. And now through TechCrunch we have learned the exact launch date is tomorrow morning and that Telestream, Wirecast, and Livestream Switcher are amongst the API partners that will help publishers use the API. Twitter declined to comment for this story.

It has been discovered that the new twitter API is going to be similar to the Facebook Live API that launched last April to connect professional equipment to the social medium. Big video cameras, editing boards, desktop editing software, satellite vans and more will be able to broadcast directly to Twitter through the API.

This makes it a bit complex (than) the periscope app; which only works with a destination URL where users can send video from Wirecast (for example). While Periscope Producer was designed to attract semi-pro web vloggers to Periscope without complicated engineering requirements, the Live video API will be much more customizable for larger publishing enterprises.

This apparently makes the future look dim for periscope; We dont know if there would be a merger or Periscope would be ran as twitters live video app.

whatever the case maybe Twitter had the head start, starting up videos on the app, This API is certain to put them back in charge.