Today on awetech #techtuesday we will be talking the awesome RHA CL2 Planar.

– its uniqueness; it’s has got both wired and wireless configurations.

If you are looking to get yourself an high end earbud, that delivers class, elegance and comfort – look no further The RHA CL2 Planar is everything you need and more.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Magnetic headphone is, here’s your answer

From RHA

Planar magnetic technology is one of the most revered methods of sound reproduction in audio – difficult both to construct and to miniaturise. A zone of perfect magnetic balance (a ‘magnetic plane’, hence the name (and pronunciation)) is formed using opposing magnetic fields. On this is balanced a planar coil – a copper coil in the shape of a helix – and a diaphragm – a super-thin circle of material designed to push air and create sound. As the audio from your phone, player or computer reaches the coil, it reacts to the magnetic field; moving back and forth and creating sound waves.


the thin film used in planar magnetic models can be moved in a more uniform, consistent fashion, resulting in higher accuracy, lower distortion, and more crystalline detail

Despite the awesomeness

It’s Premium, costs around $900 or so.

It’s Harder to Power and it’s a bit ‘BIG’

Hence this affects it popularity and possibly reducing its chances of taking over the market.

Notwithstanding, this is an all new technology and it’s worth every single penny.


The CL2 is supplied with a 12-hour Bluetooth neckband – compatible with high-fidelity aptX™ streaming – as well as a braided copper cable 3.5mm, and balanced, silver-coated 2.5mm cable.

The CL2 Planar is available for pre-order from 23 August, and will ship on 12 September 2018.

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