Live reports reaching us today say there have been 29,000 ransomeware infections in china 🇨🇳 as the new working week begins.

This is crypto-virology at its very best. Ransomeware basically encrypts your system files and can only be decrypted when a ransom is paid.

Microsoft say the attack is a wake up call to governments around the world;
They blamed world governments for storing confidential data’s on software vulnerabilities which can be accessed by hackers.
The attack has hit about 150 + countries. The fear is that more countries would be hit by this attack entering the new week.

Experts round the world have been working hard to prevent new infections. The Virus demands for $300 in return of your encrypted files.

Reports from BBC say $38,000 have been paid as at Monday morning. Despite Europol’s report that a blogger coincidentally bought the domain in which the virus was communicating with steadily and that it could possibly contain the virus.

The concern was the makers of the virus would re-engineer it not to need communication with that domain name to function…

…and their fears were confirmed last night.

The virus has been targeting top governmental organizations and it’s seriously gaining momentum.

Which this Space for Live Updates on the ransomeware attacks. If you’ve got any questions kindly ask in the comment below.