From Nairobi Kenya to Lagos Nigeria; from Johannesburg, South Africa to Port Louis Mauritius; from Kigali Rwanda to Accra Ghana from Kampala Uganda to Cairo Egypt, the face of technology has changed in Africa over the years, ICT hubs have gained stronghold, thousands of Start-ups are birthed every day, Mobile Networks have dominated the scene (with the competition getting stronger by the day), not even the epileptic power supply seem to obstruct the evolution.

Despite the rapid progress, economically the continent is still lagging behind, there’s still a long way to go, there is still a missing jigsaw puzzle to fit. However, the signs are very good, Africa is set to become the next economic power house, the level of economic growth is unprecedented, the second biggest mobile market in the world is Africa; and with startups emerging in almost every major city across Africa, you can imagine what the story will be when we hit the new century.

M-Pesa Changed the Scope of Fintech in the southern part of Africa; since its emergence in 2007 it has grown so rapidly to become the most successful mobile phone based financial service in the developing world, according to Wikipedia, as at 2012 M-Pesa registered about 17 million users in Kenya and by June 2016, a total of 7 million accounts have been opened in Tanzania by Vodacom. This is an amazing feat if you consider the slow pace at which technology (at the beginning) has spread across Africa.

Yet, this is just one of the many amazing things the African community has done for itself; Jovago (dominated Africa) Jobberman, Paga, Konga, Printivo Hotels just to mention a few, have dominated the Nigerian scene for a while now; many more such as Piggybank, Passng, Haute, Placements, Qualify will do more taking tech in Nigeria to the next level.

Same applies to startups is Accra, Kigali, Kampala and other African countries; “we aren’t sleeping on a bicycle” Technology has come to stay, and it definitely would stay for good, we won’t only do amazing stuffs for ourselves, we also want to export; Yes, a tech product made in Namibia exported to the United States or To China; that’s the real deal. We only need to collaborate where necessary, organizations such as forLoop is bringing coders together, Andela is making waves, CcHub has a Silicon Valley In Yaba, Google digital skills for Africa now has an edge, TechCabal & TechPoint have given startups the right platforms to build, thousands of dollars are given out to start-ups who are deemed worthy on a daily basis; the level of growth and connection is unprecedented, Yet we are Just starting. The future is no longer far, we only need to keep going. So, whether its agriculture or politics, education or entertainment when combined with technology, we have the edge we want and certainly we can depend on ourselves economically. Look no farther “The future of Africa is Tech”